News - archive 2009



It is about time for news from mk-messtechnik.
In the past few months, some new interfaces were added which can be transmitted with our devices: USB, SPI, RS485, and I2C. Furthermore, for the LVDS- and CML-systems we now have devices for new chipsets of various manufacturers - contact us without obligation!
For the simple testing of optical transmitters we have developed a universal measuring device which can be used for almost all common interfaces in the automotive section: CAN, LIN, K-Line, Flexray etc.
New datasheets will be available in January.


Now available: Our new transmitter U16/12 for up to 16 analog channels. The system can be purchased with 1 to 16 channels and bandwidths of 10 kHz, 50 kHz, and 100 kHz. The device is built into our new and smaller standard case with the dimensions of only 105x60x40 mm incl. the connector.
Coming soon: The heatSPECTOR with optical transmission of data is fit for the monitoring of temperature, e.g. in an exhaust tube. Both the comSPECTOR and a simple adapter for the RS232 interface of a PC can be used as a receiver.
After a throrough revision, our universal amplifier UNG is now available in a new and modern design. The displays on the frontside show all important pieces of imformation at a glance. With the according symbols they grafically show the functionality of the device. The device can be designed for output voltages of more than +/-60V, currents of up to approx. 100A, and frequencies of up to approx. 150kHz.