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optoLAN-TJA1100The optoLAN-TJA1100 system can be used for the optical transmission of automotive ethernet signals with NXP© TJA1100© chipset (unshielded twisted pair UTP ethernet). The system can be set up wit two identical transceivers or one side automotive ethernet and the other 100BaseT. With this setup the link could be used as media converter too. The devices are supplied by internal batteries and connected with an optical fiber. The standard connector is Metz Connect M12 4 pole.


Monopod in total, camera with pan/tilt unit and battery packClose-up of a camera with pan/tilt and battery pack, mounted on a monopodThe platforms of our Monopod are completely made of wood, the vertically adjustable pole is made of glass fibers. The board on which the camera and the pan/tilt unit are mounted, can be removed easily by pulling the splint. By default, the monopod comes with fell gliders, ball rollers integrated into the pedestal are optional (only fit for even surfaces).
With the help of a quick release clamp mounted on the camera or the pan/tilt unit, the system is set up fast. In addition, the monopod can be disassembled completely for storage and transporation.





Micro camera mounted on GorillapodThe camera dAV-Cr-HD-µ can be used for the optical monitoring of devices under test during EMC measurements. It has esppecially been developed for restricted space applications (dimensions approx. 30 x 30 x 110mm) and can be remote controlled from the control room (digital zoom, integrated short range LED and so on).
With the help of a gorillapod, the camera can be mounted on head rests or steering wheels.