News - archive 2007



We have modified our website in order to be able to present our ever growing product range more neatly arranged. (Little errors in graphic representation will be corrected as soon as possible.)


The dAV-system has produced offspring: A version with differential audio- and video-transmission, as well as a version for the transmission of Luma- and Chroma-signals (Y/C). Both novelties can be found in the new category dAV in the audio-video section.


The optoLVDS-series is now available with the chipset MAX9217+18/48.
For the cameras of the AV- and the dAV-series there are new high-quality 4"-displays


The dAV product-line with digital transmission of analogue audio-and video-signals has been broadened. From now on cameras and receivers in table-top housings are available in various versions.
The range of analogue av-systems was joined by an even smaller camera with 10x-zoom. For tight surroundings we have a camera with a fixed focal length which is munted on a gooseneck.
As of now, analog and digital video receivers can be delivered with a VGA-output as well. An on screen display (OSD) is also available for the one- and two-channel receivers.
The optical transmitters (optoLVDS) are available with an additional integrated bidirectional LIN-port.
As an alternative housing for almost all our devices we can offer you a robust plastic suitcase with integrated video-displays, status indicators or measurement displays. For the secure transportation of our measurement devices, there are suitcases available with customized foam inlayers.


The manual for the type U-devices was updated and is now available for download.