News - archive 2010



For devices with LVDS-/CML-interfaces we can now offer you transmitters with the newest chipsets by Maxim and National Semiconductor. The connectors for these devices are custom-made and can thus be used almost as easily as copper cables. Depending on the chipset, the configuration is set by toggle switches for different options or via microcontrollers with an USB-interface and a permament storage of the settings.
New optical transmitters for industrial interfaces such as SSI- and Quadrature-signals for positioning systems are available now.
In the automotive range we have optical transmitters for Flexray, LIN, K-Line, PSI5, E-CAN (Truck&Trailer), SPI, I2C, SENT etc.
The display as part of our camera system was replaced by a high-quality setup display with a diameter of 3,5". Due to quality problems, the previous model with the 2,5"-display is not available any more.

We repeatedly develop devices with specific features for individual customers. Some examples: Audio transmitters for the connection of measuring microphones, analog transmitters (type U) for extremely small voltages and high bandwidths, or optical devices for "exotic" interfaces. We can often build upon our existing devices and change them in order to meet your demands. So if you do not happen to find a suitable devices on this website, contact us!



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