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optoLVDS-1-DS927/928UB and optoAPIX2, as well as optoLAN-GB (Gigabit-Ethernet) available

The optical transmitter for the chipset DS90UB927/928 by Texas Instruments is developed now and the first devices are available.
Similar to the DS90UB925/926 the registers can be cmfortably programmed by an application for Windows. In order to reduce the emission of the optical transmitter to a minimum, Rosenberger HSD connectors are integrated by default.

A further addition to our portfolio is the optical transmitter for the APIX2 chipset by Inova. The registers for this transmitter can also be set by a Windows application. Momentarily, the amount of video channels is limited to one channel.

The newly developed optical Gigabit-Ethernet transmitter optoLAN-GB is functional and available now.

As always, the devices are fully shielded and battery powered and well suited for emissions and immunity testing.

Please contact us for further details.



optoLAN-BCM89810 officially announced

Broadcoms BCM89810 (copyright Broadcom) is beeing used for unshielded twisted pair (UTP) ethernet applications in the automotive industry.
We now have the suitable robusted EMC solution for your application available, the optoLAN-BCM89810. It comes with the Rosenberger HSD connector, to reduce emissions levels of the optical link to a minimum (other connectors like the Binder series 712 can be implemented on request).
As always, the devices are fully shielded and battery powered and well suited for emissions and immunity testing.

Please contact us for further details.



dAV-Cr-SD and -HD pass immunity tests with 200V/m up to 18GHz

We did test our new cameras dAV-Cr-SD and-HD together with the available pan/tilt units PT-02 and PT-03 in an external lab with field strengths of 200V/m up to 18GHz. As many customers do prove in every days testing, our devices did pass the tests without any disturbances.

To be armed for even higher field strengths and frequencies, we do offer the option -HiRF which achieves an even higher shielding.

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We did gain three new employees for hardware and software engineering as well as for production and final checking. With this support, we are well equipped for new tasks. Our first time exhibition at the emc fair 2013 in Stuttgart has been a major success.

Our newest developments, which partially have been introduced at the emc-fair:

  • Extension of our dAV camera system for Full-HD emc video surveillance: dAV-Cr-HD
    1080/60fps (other resolutions via optional comunication interface selectable) with 20 or 30x zoom.
    DVI, VGA and CVBS output at a time possible (to show video signals on multiple screens and low cost recording)
    capable of 200V/m field strengh for frequency ranges up to 40GHz. We will be updating our website soon with all functions.
    Until then, see datasheet of dAV-Cr-HD and dAV-Rr-HD here.
    New functions:
    Quad view, simple Full-HD recording without PC, Full-HD IP streaming,
    On Screen Display (OSD), software remote control (GUI), table top remote control with joystick

  • Different new LVDS chipsets are being supported, such as:
    TI DS90UR925/926UB and 927/928UB
    MAXIM MAX9275/76, 68/59, 59/60, ...
    inova APIX 2 (375T/R) and others.

  • New analog transmission links, such as U2/12-1M (1 - 2 channels, 1 MHz -3dB) with enlarged battery run time and reduced noise and the U16/14-100k (1-16 channels, 100kHz -3dB) with reduced noise compared to the previous U16/12-100k.

  • Optical transmission for GPIB bus (battery supplied or external power supply): optoGPIB

Please contact us for further details.


We have been at the emc fair in 2013 in Stuttgart for the very first time and are happy about the huge resonance we got there. Thank you very much to the many customers visiting us as well as to the other exhibitors - we will be back in Stuttgart in 2 years!

Your team mk-messtechnik