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dAV-Cr-HD-miniThe dAV-Cr-HD-mini camera can be used for the optical and acoustical monitoring of devices under test during EMC measurements. It has an integrated mono microphone and can be remote controlled via fiber from the receiver in the control room.

Because of its miniature size and the HD-resolution, high quality DUT surveillance can be done at locations with limited space, e.g. GTEM cells, cars, etc. The dimensions are approx. 135mm x 86mm x 65mm.




The EMC exhibition in Stuttgart/Germany 2017 has given us a lot of new impressions.

A car on the rolling test bench A lot of new contacts
Big sized HD camera used as glass cabinet Monopod, wall mounts, and on the top left our new LED lights




We offer camera mounts with different lengths, e.g. for ceiling mount or wall mount. The monopod is available with felt gliders or locking casters.

anechoic chamber with wallmount, ceiling mount, and monopod