mk-messtechnik assembles cables with Rosenberger H-MTD®

Available immediately from mk-messtechnik: Rosenberger H-MTD® – High-Speed Modular Twisted-Pair Data

In the last 3 years we have assembled more than 3,000 cables for our customers, mostly as adapter cables with RosenbergerHSD® connectors for our optical interfaces.

Now we are expanding our portfolio in the area of individual cable assembly for you.

From now on we also assemble shielded and unshielded cables with Rosenberger H-MTD® single or Rosenberger H-MTD® double for you:

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Do an internship at mk-messtechnik

Early practice ...

Interns become skilled workers! To make this a reality, we offer pupils from the surrounding area the opportunity to complete a challenging internship in our highly technical company.

Order now - our new camera dAV-Cr-4K

The dAV-Cr-4K camera is used for visual and acoustic monitoring of test objects during EMC tests. It has, among other things, a built-in mono microphone and can be adjusted with buttons on the back of the housing or by remote control from the control room.

Those who read newsletters have an advantage

that is certain for our department "Hardware Development" from now on at the latest.

Klaus Beutelschieß, one of our esteemed hardware developers, discovered the competition "Three oscilloscopes from Siglent" in a newsletter from ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS and took part.

The new intercom system - dAV-TRX-DSP

In addition to our well-known intercom system dAV-TRX, there is now the extended version dAV-TRX-DSP.

By using state-of-the-art digital signal processors, the dAV-TRX-DSP enables half-duplex operation, i.e. speaking in both directions without operating a button or switch.