Innovations for tomorrow - already thought of today

In July, we applied for the Innovation Award 2019 of the district of Esslingen and already mastered the first challenge with success. With the infrared camera opto-LWIR, we are in the finals.

With the slogan "Now innovative for tomorrow!" the district of Esslingen invited companies to participate in the Innovation Award 2019 for the nitnth time this year. The innovation prize goes back to an initiative of the district economic promotion. For this year's call 20 initiators could be won. In addition to major companies from the district, the Chambers of Industry and Trade and the Economic Development of the Stuttgart Region GmbH, the universities of Esslingen and Nürtingen are also represented in the Innovation Committee..

When we heard about the event, we were immediately enthusiastic and applied with our infrared camera opto-LWIR.

The opto-LWIR was selected because...
...the termal imager including software is completely developed by us and also produced in our house.
...this allows us to be very close to the event during an EMC text.
...with our software, the monitoringcan be very comfortably adapted to the respective requirements.
...several areas can be monitored at the same time and different alarm areas can be set.

Today we are proud to announce - we are in the final round!
This is a remarkable achievement as only 10 out of 23 applicants have entered the finals.

Now we can only wait and keep our fingers crossed!