Infrared camera opto-LWIR

The infrared camera opto-LWIR was developed specifically for EMC tests. In high field strengths with directional antennas (fire protection!) an overload of the DUT or the absorbers can be detected early.

The opto-LWIR camera is built into a closed aluminum housing which is also available in an IP 44 version (suitable for OATS). The IR picture of the DUT is transmitted with max. 60 fps in a measuring range of -20° C to +150° C. The temperature deviation is less than +/- 2.5° C. Optics and resolution (640x480 and 384x288 resp.) are customized. The transmission of the receiver to the PC is via an USB 3.0 interface (IR data) and ethernet (temperature sensors and camera control).

The opto-LWIR software can show POIs (Points Of Interest) as well as up to 20 deined ROIs (Region Of Interest) with adjustable temperature range can be displayed simulateneously.

 LWIR infrared camera: Customized version for outdoor useSoftware zür die Bedienung der Infrarotkamera