dAV-Cr-HD camera

The dAV-Cr-HD camera can be used for the optical and acoustical monitoring of devices under test during EMC measurements. It has an integrated mono microphone and can be set via an external set-up LCD and eight buttons on the case or via remote control from the control room. Because of the  HD-resolution, high quality DUT surveillance can be done. With the optical transmission and the shielded case, the camera is well equipped for EMI and EME tests.
 high definition camera dAV-Cr-HD mounted on pan/tilt unit PT-03

The camera system dAV-Cr-HD (r = remote) is be default equipped with the option for remote control. Therefore, all settings and functions can be controlled via the receiver dAV-Rr (dAV-R with the option -r).






Datasheet dAV-C-HD

Overview of the dAV-C series


Pan/tilt unit PT-02/03

The camera dAV-Cr is mounted on the pan/tilt unit and can be controlled via the receiver dAV-Cr. The pan/tilt unit is supplied by the camera, further wiring is not necessary. The end stops can be set by buttons at the pan/tilt unit (e.g. if the camera would crash into something when moved).

The optional pan/tilt unit PT-02/03 can be connected to the camera by an integrated ¼“ tripod socket. Due to the small dimensions of camera and pan/tilt unit the system can be easily used within a vehicle, e.g. in order to monitor the dashboard.

With the help of the "Move" buttons, the pan/tilt unit can be moved to the desired position on site.

pan/tilt unit PT-03 for mobile use with reinforced brackets (left), PT-02 for wall mount in

  • Pan/tilt unit PT-02 specifically designed for the mounting at the walls or the ceiling of an anechoic chamber (see right pan/tilt in the picture)
  • Pan/tilt unit PT-03 for mobile use with reinforced brackets (on the left)




Dimensions of a pan/tilt unit PT-02


Setup of a camera with pan/tilt unit

The camera, which is mounted on the pan/tilt unit PT-03, is supplied by the Battery Pack. With the help of the external display ED-43, the camera can be comfortably set up.

Setup of a camera with pan/tilt unit



Accessories and options

  • Camera control software ccs for the remote control via software, with GUI (cominterface nexessary). In order to use this software, the camera receiver is connected to a PC via USB (built into all receivers) or ethernet (optional)Camera control software


  • Remote control via software: with Ethernet-GUI (option -ethernet remote)
  • On Screen Display (OSD, display of DUT-data in video stream, cominterface and drivers for your HF software necessary)

    OSD: Date and time are shown via batchfile

  • 30x zoom for HD-Kameras (e.g. for large EMC chambers)
  • Wide angle and close-up lens

  • ST optical connectors
  • External remote control dAV-Rrc-Joy and dAV-Rrc-Joy-matrix
    External remote control for dAV-Rrc-Joy and dAV-Rrc-Joy-matrix for all functions of the camera and the multichannel receiver. Up to 8 and 24 cameras can be addressed directly by pushbuttons, the connected pan/tilt units can be controlled with the joystick. Twist the joystick to zoom with the camera (tele/wide), push forward and backward for moving the pan/tilt in the y-axis, turn left or right for the x-axis.
    The dAV-Rrc-Joy is supplied by the remote connector of the receiver, no additional power supply is necessary.


 external remote control for all functions of up to 8 camerasExternal remote control for all functions of up to 16 cameras


  • Option -HiRF
    With the option -HiRF, camera and pan/tilt unit are fit for very high field strengths and frequencies. The devices are equipped with additional screws and special cables for a high immunity: >> 600V/m up to 40GHz.

Camera and pan/tilt unit with the option -HiRF for very high frequencies

  • Power supply: External battery pack BP120-5f AND/OR Shielded external power supply SPS120 (see picture on the right) for wall mount setups (230V and 110 V available)

    Shielded power supply for continuous supply of the camera