dAV Quad 4k / multiviewer

Quad view system to integrate and display 4 independent VGA, DVI (or the like) and CVBS inputs in one screen, including audio.

Optional additional analog, digital and optical outputs possible to be able to display the same output on other screens, record in low quality or optically forward:

  • dAV-quad 4K: quad view system to integrate and display 4 independent Full-HD 1080p60 inputs in one 4Kp30 resolution screen.
  • option 3GSDI to connect third party recording options
  • option 2nd DVI (or the like) OUT: optional second DVI-D (or the like) out for dAV-quad to connect to second DVI screen or recorder or...
  • option ethernet remote: additional ethernet interface card to control all integrated quad functions (dAV-quad software) via ethernet
  • option optical out: optional optical out for dAV-quad or dAV-quad 4K, up to 2 additional output integratable

 dAV-Quad multiviewer: display 4 indendent inputs in one screen