The camera systems serve the optical and acoustical monitoring of devices under test (DUT) during tests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The signals are digitally transmitted via an optical fiber (standard: 62.5/125µm, simplex FSMA; others on request) from the anechoic chamber to the receiver outside. Due to the optical transmission, the system is insusceptible to electromagnetic fields. From left to right: µ camera, mini camera, HD camera (standard)

The cameras and the optional pan/tilt unit are supplied by an external 12V battery pack (mobile use) or a shielded power supply (e.g. for wall mount) via shielded cables.

The receivers can be ordered with many different options: table top housing or 19" rack mount case, several channels to connect more cameras, On Screen Display (OSD), ethernet connection, SDI Out, switch matrix etc.


Übersicht dAV-C


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The dAV-Cr-4K camera from mk-messtechnik GmbH


The dAV-Cr-4K camera is used for visual and acoustic monitoring of test objects during EMC tests. It has, among other things, a built-in mono microphone and can be adjusted with buttons on the back of the housing or by remote control from the control room.





mk-motion Motion Detection Software from mk-messtechnik GmbH

Motion Detection Software (mk-motion)

The Motion Detection Software (mk-motion) analyses video images of a test object to detect deviations between target and actual behaviour. The mk-motion motion detection software is thus an optimal support for your EMC technician in his daily requirements.