Camera with 4k resolution - dAV-Cr-4K

The dAV-Cr-4K camera from mk-messtechnik GmbH

The dAV-Cr-4K camera is used for visual and acoustic monitoring of test objects during EMC tests. It has, among other things, a built-in mono microphone and can be adjusted with buttons on the back of the housing or by remote control from the control room. The 4K resolution enables high-quality DUT evaluation. Due to the optical signal transmission and the shielded housing, the camera is ideally suited for EMI and EME tests.

Technical data

General data:
sensor:   1/1,8" 4K CMOS sensor (8,41 millions of effective pixels)
zoom:   18x (f/1,61) optical, 12 digital
resolution:   3840x2160p30
opening angle:   58,5° (wide angle) to 3,7° (tele end)
Optical transmission: digital, FSMA multimode (62,5/125 μm)
Microphone: internal, mono
Power supply: external battery pack (2 included for continuous measurements)
NiMH-battery with 10 cells; 12 V, 4 Ah, approx. 8 - 10 h (standard)
2 different lenghts of shielded cable (e.g. 0,4 m and 1,4 m)
case:   approx. 136 mm x 86 mm x 65 mm;
aluminum case with rubber protectors
weight:   approx. 1000 g
shielded power supply (110 V - 230 V) for wall mount application
Case dimensions: approx. 135 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm incl. connectors and switches, aluminum case
Weight: approx. 800 g
Mounting: 1/4" tripod socket at case bottom, other threads available


  • remote control of all camera functions and optional pan- / tilt unit
  • LED lights for short range illumination
  • Receiver channels can be combined with Full-HD in tabletop (dAV-Rr-TT) or 19" housing (dAV- Rr-19")
  • robust against EMS up to 200 V/m and 18 GHz

Available options

  • pan- / tilt unit (PT-02 or PT-03)
  • High RF shielding > 200 V/m up to 40 GHz (option -HiRF)


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