digital transmission of analog A/V signals dAV

The dAV series includes not only the digital, optical transmission of camera signals (dAV-C), it can also transmit analog audio and/or video signals uni- or bidirectionally.

Fields of application are e.g. the accoustical monitoring of an engine speed or surveillance of an audio or video system in immunity tests. The main unit dAV is thus equiped with different options. The dimensions of the housing depends on the options chosen.

Unidirectional transmission of audio and video signals: dAV-uv (differential and single ended signals)

Available options:

dAV option –a: unidirectional, digital audio transmission of stereo signals, 3dB cutoff frequency: 20Hz-18kHz

dAV option –b: bidirectional, digital transmission of audio and video signals

dAV option –v: unidirectional, digital video transmission of analog video signals NTSC/PAL

A typical configuration is the unidirectional transmission of diffential and single ended audio signals with the version dAV option –a and dAV optioan -switch. The resulting transmitter system is called dAV-uv-switch (see picture).

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Datasheet dAV