Options for the digital camera system

  • Remote control via software: with GUI (cominterface necessary) - camera control software ccs

    camera control software ccs
  • Remote control via software: with Ethernet-GUI (option -ethernet remote)

  • On Screen Display (display of DUT-data in video stream, cominterface and drivers for your HF software necessary)

    OSD: Date and time are shown via batchfile

  • Quadview Option (display of 4 video pictures on one LCD)

    Quad view
  • Webstreaming of Full-HD video picture

  • External loudspeaker for receiver unit

  • Multichannel receiver and switchmatrix with a large amount of in- and outputs (custom made)

    Matrix for up to 40 channels
  • DVI-input for the switchmatrix for the integration of a PC Signal

  • ST optical connectors

  • More options available on demand