Motion Detection Software (mk-motion) – 4.x Beta

Our motion detection software (mk-motion) helps you in many ways with the automated video monitoring of your DUTs. It automatically detects deviations from the desired behaviour and generates visual and acoustic alarms in the event of an error and optionally communicates these to your EMC test software.

Motion Detection Software from mk-messtechnik GmbHWith version 4.x Beta, we now present a conceptually and visually completely revised user interface and open up completely new evaluation possibilities with a new, flexible analysis pipeline. To ensure that you always have a clear overview of the configuration, the status of each individual stage of the pipeline is visualised in detail -- from the incoming video to the outgoing alarm. A stage can process video images directly (e.g. recognise differences or texts) as well as carry out downstream analyses (e.g. compare values with acceptance ranges or compare texts with permissible terms). The user interface guides you through the possible combinations of stages, gives you direct access to all settings and shows you the effect of each change immediately in the live image.

We are convinced that these changes will enable you to intuitively configure even very complex image evaluations, thus making lengthy training or study of the manual largely unnecessary. This reduces possible errors in handling the software and the time needed for test setup and configuration.

Furthermore, we will also gradually introduce additional functions with the new version. These include more complex text recognition/evaluation and image recognition for pointer instruments.

The software is compatible with virtually any Full HD system with an AV signal connection. This means it can be used with our own camera systems as well as with other video sources inside and outside EMC laboratories.

Do you already have a version of the Motion Detection Software? Talk to our sales team, about how you can update it.