mk-messtechnik – is measurement technology made in Germany

The Teckbote reports on mk-messtechnik GmbH

We are a small and innovative company that designs, develops and produces electronic test and monitoring devices for EMC laboratories. In close coordination with our customers, new solutions are constantly being created to better support them in their everyday measurement work.

mk-messtechnik has existed for over 20 years. Today's mk-messtechnik GmbH emerged from a sole proprietorship in the basement of what was then the residential building in 2010 with the move to Notzingen. In the last 11 years the number of employees has increased from three to over 60 - more than 1/3 of them in development. The space requirement was covered in 2014 by purchasing the neighboring building and in 2018 with a new building on another neighboring property.

As a Swabian family company, we are located in the quiet country east of Stuttgart, are personally managed by the owner and work on technically sophisticated solutions. At the same time, as a high-tech company, we have a modern working environment, a convenient connection to the A8, flexible working hours, our own canteen with freshly cooked food and other bonus services.

In order to master the upcoming challenges in the future, we are looking for clever reinforcements with technical skills and enthusiasm for complex problems. We offer a pleasant and familiar but also challenging working atmosphere in a team from a wide variety of specialist disciplines, including craft, business, electrical engineering and IT.


Our core areas of work are:

  • Camera - and audio systems with optical transmission to monitor devices under test and absorber lined chambers in EMC labs. With a switch matrix, several cameras with pan-/tilt units can be remote controlled and monitored from one operator’s place.
  • Optical transmission of digital signals in the automotive industry (automotive links) as well as the aerospace industry. Examples are amongst others our optoCAN, optoFlex, optoK, optoLIN, optoPSI, optoSENT, and optoSPI systems.
  • Optical transmission of analog signals for diverse setups with a high frequency range, high dynamic range, and/or many channels at small dimensions at the same time.
  • Optical transmission of industry interfaces. Examples are amongst other our optoCML, optoI2C, optoIEEE1394, optoLAN, optoLVDS, optoQuadrature, optoRS232, optoSSI, optoTTL, and optoUSB.

High production depth

Our high in-house production depth lets us generate the best solutions for affordable prices at short notice. We either can adapt our existing equipment to your needs or we develop and produce a new system according to your requirements.


All devices are deleoped by our engineers PCBs are assembled with our pick-and-place machines
Bestückungsautomat Bestückungsautomat

All housing parts are sawed, sand-blasted, and milled in our house so we are highly
flexible to get to customized solutions

Precompliance tests in our own ALC
Fräse Precompliance-test