2 channel analog

These measuring systems are used for the optical, digital transmission of up to 2 analog signals with a resolution of min. 8 Bit each channel.

They consist of a transmitter supplied by an power supply, a plastic optical fiber, and a receiver – which has an power supply as well.

U2/14-1M transmitter and receiver, with BNC-filters

Due to their insensitivity to strong electromagnetic fields above the specified transmission range the systems are fit for tests of electromagnetic compatibility in EMC-test chambers, TEM-cells, and striplines. The signal to be measured is filtered, sampled, digitized, and transmitted to the receiver via an optical transmitter system. At the receiver, the digital data stream is converted into an analog signal again and can be measured with a high-impedance probe (e.g. an oscilloscope) at the signal output.



Voltage range

min. eff.



U2/12 +/-15V 10 Bit up to 10 MHz

+/-15V 10 Bit

up to 1 MHz

(x...up to 16 channels)

+/-15V 10 Bit

up to 100 kHz