optoLAN 100Base-T1 TJA1100

The optoLAN-TJA1100-MAX system can be used for the optical transmission of automotive ethernet signals with NXP© TJA1100© chipset (unshielded twisted pair UTP ethernet). The system can be set up wit two identical transceivers or one side automotive  ethernet and the other 100BaseT.  With this setup the link can be used as media converter. The devices are supplied by internal batteries and connected with an optical fiber. The standard connector is a 4 pole Rosenberger HSD.

With the optical transmission, the shielded case and the high quality connector, the system is well equipped for EMI and EME tests.




Datasheet optoLAN-TJA1100-MAX


Two identical transceivers with Rosenberger HSD connectors (standard setup)


Setup of optoLAN-TJA1100-MAX with optical fiber and Rosenberger HSD/open end cable


Setup with integrated media converter: Automotive Ethernet BaseT1 (Rosenberger HSD) -> Standard Ethernet BaseTx (RJ45)

Setup mit integriertem Mediekonverter: Automotive Ethernet BaseT1 -> Standard Ethernet BaseTx