optoLAN-Gb 88Q2112

The optoLAN-GB 88Q2112 system

This optoLAN-Gb 88Q2112 system is a digital, bidirectional, optical transmission device for automotive Ethernet 1000Base-T1/100Base-T1 signals.

There are two setups available, T1 to T1 (standard) or T1 to T (mit integriertem Medienkonverter => optoLAN-Gb), siehe separates Setup-Dokument.

The standard connector is Rosenberger HSD (Z-coded). With the optical transmission, the shielded case and the high quality connector, the system is well equipped for EMI and EME tests and has proven its functionality in many automotive EMC labs already.


Technical Data

Channels: 1
Chipset: Marvell 88Q2112©
Connectors: Rosenberger HSD
Data Rate: 1Gb (download compatibility to 100Mbit/s not guaranteed / Devices are optimized for 1GB) (see chipset datasheet - you can obtain this from your Marvell partner)
Power Supply: 5 NiMH cells with 4 Ah; >10h; 5-poled charging connector
Case Dimensions: approx. 136mm x 86mm x 65mm
aluminum case with rubber protectors
Weight: approx. 800g per device

Optical Fiber

Connector / type: FSMA / Duplex-Multimode LWL 62,5/125µm


  • 5 cell external power pack (4Ah or 10Ah) for run time enhancement
  • various adapter cables and confectioned/customized solutions
  • push pull charge plug (advantage: save setup time)
  • Adaptation of the software to implement a switch mode
    => Legacy mode (as with A0 chips) on A2 integrated in optoLAN-Gb 88Q2112
  • integrated media converter setup (T1 to Tx)
  • stand alone T1 to Tx media converter
  • 19” rack mount solution with up to 13 different optical links
  • ST or FC fiber plug


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