optical transmitter for K-line signals: optoK

The optoK system can be used for the optical transmission of K-Line signals with transmission rates of more than 30kbit/s at supply voltages of up to 24V. It consists of two identical battery supplied transceivers connected to each other with an optical fiber. With the optical transmission and the shielded case, the system is well equipped for EMI and EME tests.

One side of the system can be integrated in a 19" rack housing (optional). If the equipment is always used at the same place, this can reduce error sources, needs a shorter set up time, and does not occupy as much space on the table. The 19" case can hold up to 8 different or equal automotive links (SENT, CAN, Flexray etc.). The channels can be integrated later on.

The system is also available with an integrated LVDS transmission (unidirectional).




Datasheet optoK