This system is used for the optical transmission of PSI5-signals and allows the transmission in both directions with a sampling rate of 50 MS/s. It consists of a transceiver, supplied by batteries, for the connection of a sensor, a simplex-62,5/125µm-multimode optical cable, and a receiver with internal batteries as well.
Due to its insensitivity against strong electromagnetic fields, the optoPSI5 is fit for tests of susceptibility and interference emission in EMC-test chambers, TEM cells, and for striplines.


One side of the system can be integrated in a 19" rack housing (optional). If the equipment is always used at the same place, this can reduce error sources, needs a shorter set up time, and does not occupy as much space on the table. The 19" case can hold up to 8 different or equal automotive links (SENT, CAN, Flexray etc.). The channels can be integrated later on.




Datasheet optoPSI5





The PSI5-Simulyzer by SesKion GmbH is an interface box which can be used to read data at PSI5 systems and to generate simulation data.