optoLAN-100-MAX - 100 MBit/s

The optoLA-100-MAXN system can be used for the optical transmission of Ethernet (LAN-) signals with a data rate of up to 100Mbit/s (100BaseTx). The two identical transceivers are supplied by internal batteries and connected with an optical fiber. With the optical transmission and the shielded case, the system is well equipped for EMI and EME tests. The device is not downward compatible to 10BaseT. If you need this option you can get the optoLAN-Gb.

Due to its insensitivity to strong electromagnetic fields above the specified transmission range the system is fit for tests of electromagnetic compatibility in EMC-test chambers, TEM-cells, and striplines.

optical transmitter for ethernet signals: optoLAN




Datasheet optoLAN-100

Manual optoLAN



Compatibility of the optoLAN-100-MAX (100BaseTx) to automotive ethernet links (100BaseT1)

The optoLAN-100-MAX is compatible to automotive ethernet links such as optoLAN-TJA-1100, optoLAN-BCM89810, optoLAN-BCM89811 -> see schematic of the different setups below.


Possible combinations of our Ethernet links



optoLAN-100-MAX - option M12

A new type of connector is available now: The M12 connector (MMT471A315, counterpart MNF881A315-0001) by Metz Connect was integrated into our optical transmitter for Ethernet signals optoLAN-100-MAX, as well as optoLAN-Gb. Therefore, these devices are even fitter for tests of electromagnetic compatibility.

optoLAN-Gb with M12 connector