optoLAN - 1 GBit/s

This optical device is used for the bidirectional optical transmission of ethernet signals with a transmission rate of 1 GBit/s. It is downward compatible to 100BaseT and 10BaseT (automatically detected). The system consists of two identical transceivers supplied by batteries and a duplex 62.5/125µm-multimode optical cable.
The ethernet connectors are custom-made.

Due to its insensitivity to strong electromagnetic fields above the specified transmission range the system is fit for tests of electromagnetic compatibility in EMC-test chambers, TEM-cells, and striplines.

optical transmitter for ethernet signals with up to 1GBit/s




Datasheet optoLAN-Gb


optoLAN-Gb - option M12

A new type of connector is available now: The M12 connector (MMT471A315, counterpart MNF881A315-0001) by Metz Connect was integrated into our optical transmitter for Ethernet signals optoLAN, as well as optoLAN-Gb. Therefore, these devices are even fitter for tests of electromagnetic compatibility.

optoLAN-Gb with M12 connector